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Benefits of the Two Factor Authentication

IT departments from various industries are actually fighting constantly in order to protect company networks from fraudsters and hackers. A two-factor authentication (2FA) is an essential and effective weapon for any IT managers.

2FA can in fact give extra layers of protection for user accounts that’s not impregnable and likewise decreases risks of unauthorized access and system breaches.

This also gives the benefit to where it encourages wider adoption on technology by organizations and users. IT departments could help in making a case for a wide use of 2FA by using on the following points:

Enhances Security

Passwords are actually old-fashioned and this actually needs to be phased out. This is because most users tend to end up failing on the process of creating a strong password. On a study made, it shows that most hacked passwords uses common words or numbers that are too easy. With 2FA, it will help in enhancing security a lot. A much better approach would be in getting rid of the passwords all together.

Choosing the Right 2FA

Two-factor authentication systems usually requires the user in producing two pieces of identifying information coming from three categories such as something which they know, have and something they are.

Various categories in fact allows a wider range of authentication techniques and technologies that can be used to where most of these are superior than passwords. This in fact includes having to send a code-generating application which is either through a smartphone or computer or perhaps the case of sending the pin on another secure email account or perhaps on a voice call. You should consider using an authentication combination that’s suitable for your company’s cost-structure or your users.

Mobility Boosts Production

IT departments actually uses mobility in order to increase productivity and flexibility. Based on a survey that has been made before, there are actually about 67% of respondents who have seen improved business processes as goals on mobility. Some other benefits include a competitive advantage and getting an increased user satisfaction. Mobile 2FA enables employees to gain access to documents, office systems, data and corporate applications in a secure manner from other locations and not putting the corporate network and sensitive information at risk.

Reducing the Help Desk Costs

Password resets are considered as one of the reasons behind the support calls for help desks. On a survey made by technical support, it has been found that there are about 30% help desk tickets which are generated due to password resets. By having to replace passwords with a 2FA approach, you can in fact reduce pressure for help desk staff as well as help to reduce company costs.

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